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Music Scholarship - tax-deductible

The Guo Flute

I've been playing the Guo flute. This is a fine flute with a small price to it. Thanks Geoffrey!

"Providencia" Danilo Perez

You should check out Danilo's CD. I'm playing on the title cut and in the woodwind quintet. This CD was nominated for a 2011 Grammy Award for Best Jazz Instrumental Album.
check it out

Marco Pignataro featuring Eddie Gomez - CD

this will make you homesick for Italy
The Estate cut in the music section is on this CD. Marco is a fine saxophonist/composer.

Playing Through the Blues - Book/CD Package

Here's a new book with flute solos with play alongs by Fred Lipsius with me as the soloist.
get the blues here

Let's Play Rhythm - Book CD

A book by Bruce Gertz about playing rhythm changes- you can play along with the flute solos on this one.
you want rhythm?

Online Courses

I teach online for Berkleemusic. I have been teaching an online ear training course and a basic improvisation course with Ed Tomassi. Check it out. Lots of stuff here!
the online school

Why Cry

Some of the clips you have been listening to in the music section are from my CD with Ed and Barry.
why cry? buy this CD


I host a music series, "When Music Works," where I interview a number of different artists on different topics. The series includes Joe Lovano, Joanne Brackeen, and Kenwood Dennard.
check out the DVDs

Berklee Practice Method

I am the composer for this book series for high schoolers to help them get their band together. There are some hip little tunes in different styles for the whole band to play.
get your band together

Meditations in a Contemporary World

This is a CD I recorded with Mia Olson. I am playing alto flute and Mia is playing concert flute. We improvise on different modal motifs to create this meditative mood music. This was a lot of fun.
Ohmm buy this CD Ohmm

Reading Key Jazz Rhythms for Flute

This is a great book for flutists by Fred Lipsius. I am the soloist and you can play with me or without. This book can be a lot of fun.
wanna start swingin' ?